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Merint Machinery is a young and dynamic company that grows its market share through quality products, communication and a superb customer service ethos. Merint Machinery is the biggest distributor of leading swiss chemical company SIKA for UAE for their Construction, Automotive, Marine & Architectural Products. Merint Machinery is also a partner of MBCC group for their Construction Chemicals in UAE

We pride ourselves as customer service focused business which often results Merint Machinery being the preferred supplier of Construction Chemicals.

We are able to establish ourselves as "Solution Provider" to the industry, not just a distribution house.



Sika® Igasol® Emulsion BA

High build rubberized bituminous emulsion coating

Sika® Bitumen AE

Solvent-free, Water based bitumen primer

Sika® T Membranes

Waterproofing and Roofing membrane sheet

SikaBit® Protection Sheet

Semi-flexible protection and recovery board

SikaTop® Seal-107

Cementitious slurry for waterproofing and concrete protection

Sikalastic® 560

CET water-based liquid waterproofing membrane


Waterproofing admixture powder for mortars and concrete

Sikadur-Combiflex® SG System

High performance joint and crack waterproofing tape system

Sika® Waterstop G

PVC joint waterstop

Sikagard® PW

Non toxic, high chemical resistance epoxy coating

SikaSwell® S2

Polyurethane-based, swellable joint sealant for concrete works

SikaSwell® A

Acrylic-based, swellable joint waterproofing profile for concrete works

Sikadur®-52 LP

Low viscosity injection resins

Sika® Injection-107

1-component, polyurethane-based, slightly flexible, foaming injection resin for the permanent watertight sealing of cracks


Sikaflex® -11 FC+

Elastic joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive based on polyurethane

Sikaflex® Construction+

Elastic polyurethane sealant for construction joints

Sikaflex® - 428 Precast

1-part flexible sealant for precast sealing

Sika® PRO-3 / 3 SL

Elastic polyurethane based trafficable, chemical & mechanical resistant sealant

Sika® Primer-3 N

One component, transperant primer for porous surfaces and metal

Sikacryl® -620 Fire

Fire rated intumescent acrylic sealant with fire resistance up to 300 minutes

Sika® Polysulphide PG / GG

Cross linking polysulphide based elastic sealant for vertical and horizontal expansion joints

SikaBond® -52 Parquet

Solvent-free, elastic adhesive with fast-curing properties for wood flooring


Sika AnchorFix® S

Universal anchoring adhesive, two part styrenated polyester based

Sika AnchorFix®-2 Tropical

Anchoring adhesive for medium to high loads for tropical / hot climatic conditions

SikaGrout®-212 AE

General performance engineering grout

SikaGrout®-114 AE

Non shrinkage, pourable grouts mortar

SikaGrout® 214 AE

Cementitous, High Early Strength, Non-Shrink Precision Grout

Sikadur®-42 MP Slow

High performance, three part epoxy grout

SikaCeram®- 502 TG

Water resistant, polymer modified, cementitious tile grout for interior and exterior wall and floor joints up to for mm

Sika AnchorFix® - 3001

Epoxy high performance chemical anchoring material


Sikadur® - 31 CF Slow S

Multipurpose two part epoxy adhesive for bonding, fixing and repairing

SikaTop® Armatec® 110 EpoCem®

Bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection for demanding applications


Multipurpose economical, patching and repair mortar

SikaRep® Fine PC

1-Component, economical, polymer, pore sealer/finishing coat

Sika® Bond DV

Economical water resistant bonding agent for mortar

Sika® Latex

Water impermeable boding agent and admixture for mortar and concrete

Sika Monotop® - 610

Cementitious steel reinforcement primer and bonding bridge


Sika® - 1

For watertight concrete and mortar

Sika® 4a

For instant fixing and plugging of concrete and mortar

Antisol® - WB

Curing priming/sealing and surface hardener compound


Sikafloor® 264 SG

2-part epoxy roller and seat coat

Sikafloor® - 100 Level AE

Polymer modified cementitious floor levelling compound for 2 - 10 mm

Sikafloor® Cure Hard

Transparent surface hardener, dustproofer, sealing and curing compound for concrete

Sika® Primer MB+

Two-part, epoxy based primer and moisture regulator for wood floor bonding

Sikafloor® - 01 Primer

Universal, dispersion primer prior to applying levelling compounds

Sikafloor®-- 161

2-part epoxy primer, levelling mortar, intermediate layer and mortar screed

Sika® Chapdur Premix

Non-metallic floor hardener

Sikafloor® PS

Epoxy resin pore sealing and smoothing putty

Sikafloor®-- 263 SL

2 -Part, self-smoothing, pigmented, epoxy resin for flooring application.




1K-Polyurethan sealing and bonding

Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO

The professional deck caulking sealant


Multi-purpose adhesive


High-strength fastening adhesive for structural assembly

Sikaflex®-295 UV

High-performance bonding and glazing sealant


Adhesive for mineral glass


Adhesive for full-surface bonding


Multifunctional sealants



Marine Silicone Sealant

Sika Firesil® Marine N

Fire resistant silicone sealant

Sikasil® SG-20

High-performance neutral silicone sealant



Waterbased marine adhesives


Universal product for main floor


For LVT coverings as planks and tiles


For rational fixing of textile, CV floor covering and SL tiles


Teak Deck Maintenance

Sika® Teak Oil Neutral

Protective oil for teak boat deck

Sika® Teak C+B

Biodegradable 2-in-1 cleaning product



Sika® Primer-215

Non-pigmented, solvent based primer for plastics and wood

Sika® MultiPrimer Marine

Multi-purpose solvent primer

Sika® Primer-206 G+P

Pigmented, solvent-based primer for various substrates



Sika® Aktivator-100

Adhesion promoter for various substrates

Sika® Aktivator-205

Pre-treatment agent for non porous substrates


Sikafloor® Marine Systems

One-component, self leveling primary
deck covering

Sikafloor® Marine-118 FC

Fast curing self leveling mortar

Sikafloor® Marine-190

Self leveling mortar


Sikafloor® Marine Systems

One-component, trowelable primary
deck covering

Sikafloor® Marine-18

Trowel out mortar

Sikafloor® Marine KG-202N

Trowel out mortar

Sikafloor® Marine KG-404N

Trowel out mortar


Sikafloor® Marine Systems

Floating floors/Air borne and impact sound
reduction solutions

Sikafloor® Marine Litosilo N

Trowel out floating floor

Sikafloor® Marine Litosilo X

Trowel out floating floor


Sikafloor® Marine Systems


Sikafloor® Marine PU-Red

Visco-elastic mortar

Sikafloor® Marine VEM

Visco-elastic mortar



Auto Glass Adhesives & Pretreatment


The Black-Primerless economical windscreen adhesive

SikaTack Go4it!

The easy to gun 4 hours windscreen adhesive

SikaTack Go!

Easy to gun windshield adhesive

SikaTack® Drive

The application Champion

Sika® Activator - 100

Sika Primer - 206 G+P


Sealing Solutions


One-Component multipurpose sealant

Sikaflex® Fix

Fast skinning one-component universal sealant

Sikaflex® - 529 AT

The Sprayable and Brushable Hybrid Sealant


Protective Coatings Range


The sprayable bitumen based coating


High performance stone chip protection coating


High penetrating cavity wax


Thixotropic cavity wax

Sika® SCP Gun

Pressure Cup Gun for Sikagard® Protective Coatings

Sika® CW Gun

Pressure Cup Gun for Sikagard® Cavity Waxes

Sika® UBCplus Gun

Vacuum Gun for Sikagard® Protective Coatings

Sika® Remover - 208

Cleaning agent for surface preparation and removal of uncured adhesives

Sika® Cleaner G+P

High quality glass and plastic cleaner



Sika® Spray Gun

The Multi-purpose application gun for spay seams

Sikaflex® Jet Flow Applicator


IG Sealant & Structural Glazing

Sikasil® IG 200

Insulating glass secondary sealant

Sikasil® SG-20 S

Structural glazing silicone with high mechanical resistance

Sikasil® SG-500 CN

Structural glazing silicone for faster curing and high strength

Weather proofing Joint Sealants

Sikasil® 715

Excellent UV and weather resistant sealant for use in high rise buildings facade

Sikaflex® 717

Excellent UV and weather resistant hybrid sealant for use with Sika structural glazing system

Fire Rated Sealants

Sikasil® 403

Fire rated silicone sealant for external use

Sikacryl® 620 Fire

Fire rated intumescent sealant for internal use

Membrane EPDM Sealants

SikaMembrane® ECO/Universal/Strong

Vapour control layer and waterproof barrier

SikaBond® TF+N Adhesive

Exclusively formulated for fixing SikaMembrane® system

Balustrade Adhesive

SikaForce® 335 GG

Self levelling PU 'grout'

SikaForce® 479 L45

2-C Polyurethane